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Cloud Scrubs

Cloud Scrubs

Cloud Scrubs (2012)

Cloud Scrubs was my team’s Imagine Cup 2012 entry. The project was selected as a national finalist in the UAE region. The project aimed to connect rural health centers sharing the patient information with the government and enable the mining of information that could be used identify patterns and manage logistics.

The initial implementation was a proof of concept system that used a cloud based distributed architecture. Future revision would iterate on this distributed architecture. The vision of this project remains to connect remote health centers and democratize the knowledge generated at these health centers.


  1. Prashant Vaidyanathan
  2. Sweekriti Sathpathy
  3. Ashok Vydyanathan

BBC Arabic Interview

Cloud Scrubs (2016)

The Cloud Scrubs Project restarted in the summer of 2016 with a new undergraduate team from BITS Dubai joining in to work on the various projects within the Cloud Scrubs banner.

Planned Work

  1. Future implementations will try to build a generic Data API for querying and accessing the data that is generated at these health centers.
  2. A distributed network that can archive and serve data that is generated.
  3. Any easy to use SDK that can be used to create the data entry forms quickly and automatically create a data sharing and archiving network for that data.

Cloud Scrubs (2017)

Planned Work

  1. Construction of a Mobile Application framework for health data entry.
  2. Deployment of Mobile Applications to partner NGO’s.
  3. Continue work on the 2016 targets.


  1. Imagine Cup 2012 Presentation PPT PDF.
  2. Github Repository.